You’re paying the U.S. Department of Transportation to protect consumers and promote competition in the airline industry.
Instead, they are doing exactly the opposite, siding with big airlines while you pay more.

Tell Congress, “I want my money back”

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Congress needs to protect consumer rights, not airline profits.

76% of Americans believe the government should protect consumers from unfair and deceptive practices in the marketplace.

U.S. airlines continue to overcharge and underdeliver. Right now, they are proactively working to make it more difficult for you to find the lowest fares by blocking independent travel search and comparison websites from showing all of their schedules and fares.

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Airlines are Making Billions in Profit.

You’re Paying More but Getting Less.

While U.S. airlines have made nearly $10 billion in pure profit this year, they are preventing you from comparing fares and schedules to find the lowest fare. Hiding their best fares and flights is sneaky, and it makes it more expensive for travelers and families to fly.

Did you know?

Airlines made more than $4.2 billion in baggage fees alone last year

By blocking fares, Americans will pay up to $6.7 billion more in airfare annually

42 million Americans will choose NOT to travel each year due to higher fares


Airfare Transparency is Good for American Families & Good for the Economy.

When people fly, they also spend money on other goods such as food and lodging.

Did you know?

Every $1 million in sales of travel goods and services generates 9 jobs in the industry

Leisure travel alone is a $650 billion industry, supporting 5.7 million jobs.

67% of consumers believe that access to ALL flight options allows them to purchase low-cost tickets

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